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Beyond Umwelt is a challenge to the conventions of human-centered sensing, It proposes an expansion of the boundaries of what senses are considered “human” with Sensory-Expansion Suit. New aesthetics emerge from the affordances of this form of body enhancement, providing a new framework for sensing and a form of communication.

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All species are enclosed within their own sensory bubble, which we called umwelt, perceiving a tiny part of the immense of world. Senses playing active role in shaping the individual experience and the environment as well.

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We’ve been aware for a long time that non-human species have access to forms of awareness through their senses that humans don’t.

With the arrival of sensor technology, humans now have the opportunity to expand their sensory bubble and introduce a bigger bandwidth of information sensing into themselves.

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Beyond Umwelt

This thesis is interested in raising questions about the implications of living with the apparatus necessary for this enhanced sensorium: What aesthetics might emerge from the affordances and constraints of this form of body enhancement?   How might it affect individuals’ experiences, and their understanding of their environment?   What new forms of interaction might emerge?

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