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Beyond Umwelt is a challenge to the conventions of human-centered sensing, It proposes an expansion of the boundaries of what senses are considered “human” with Sensory-Expansion Suit. New aesthetics emerge from the affordances of this form of body enhancement, providing a new framework for sensing and a form of communication.

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All species are enclosed within their own sensory bubble, which we called Umwelt, perceiving a tiny part of the immense of world.

Senses playing active role in shaping the individual experience and the environment as well.

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The opportunity presented by designing Beyond Umwelt lies in transcending the innate sensory limitations that define the human experience, offering a groundbreaking pathway to an expanded consciousness and a deeper connection with the world around us.

Beyond Umwelt embodies a daring invitation to explore uncharted sensory territories, promising a revolution in how we perceive, interact with, and interpret our environment, ultimately redefining the essence of human experience.

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Sensory-Expansion Suit

Sensory-Expansion Suit is the center of the proposal, which comprises three parts: the vest, the jacket, and the necklace. The suit reinforces the irreplaceable position of human body as a carrier of senses and authentically expand our human sensorium as an embodied phenomenon. By working with multiple materials, it transforms imperceptible information into perceptible signals, allow human body to build new sensory perceptions and ways of communication over time.

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Vision for the Future

Beyond Umwelt represents a profound reimagining of human potential, where the fusion of biology and technology blurs the lines between human and non-human perception. As wearers adapt to these new sensory inputs, a transformative shift in understanding and interacting with the world emerges, promising a future where the human experience is enriched by a broader, more inclusive spectrum of sensory awareness. This project is not just an exploration of sensory enhancement but a step towards a more interconnected and empathetic relationship with the vast, dynamic ecosystem we inhabit.

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