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An online marketplace for people to easily sell and buy pre-owned furniture.


Buying and selling pre-owned furniture can be time-consuming, complex, and risky. Archic provides a delightful, reliable, and explorable experience on mobile. It dedicates to making the furniture resale process seamless and hassle-free.

Project Timeline

14 Weeks, Feb 2022 - April 2022


Individual, VxD 2 (ACCD)


UX Research, Mobile Design, Visual Design


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate



Archic is an online marketplace designed to help people easily sell and shop pre-owned furniture.


Buying and selling used furniture can be time-consuming, complex, and risky. Archic is dedicated to making the process seamless and hassle-free. It eliminates the hassle of shipping and installation for customers and allows used furniture to have good, quality guaranteed circulation in the market.


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User Interviews
16 Surveys
To Summarize Key Findings
• What did we learn?
• What did we verify?
• What was surprising?
Opening Question
Tell me about your most recent experience of buying / selling pre-owned furniture?
Research Objective
• What does the journey for selling & buying pre-owned furniture look like?
• Which section makes people exhausted the most?
• How can we solve their concerns with our design?
Pain Points in the Selling Process

• Post Information

- The tedious process of uploading resale information;
- Inaccurate, inadequate information;
- poor images of the resale furniture may cause low traffic online.

• Wait & Contact Buyer
Uncertain selling time, the long wait for the potential buyers’ reply.

• Handover
The hassle of contacting shipping service, moving furniture by people themselves.
Pain Points in the Buying Process

• Select Furniture
- Not able to have a clear preview of the used furniture, nor detailed information on the imperfections and the size;
- The quality of the furniture in the second-hand market can not be guaranteed.

• Handover
The hassle of picking up, and receiving delivery of the furniture, especially the big pieces.

Positioning Matrix

Archic positions itself at the top right corner, which is specialized in furniture resale and requires users low effort.

Design Goals


Reduce the complexity
of the selling process, make it more intuitive and easy to use.

Help users relieve the worry of buying second-hand furniture, and enable users to have an
explorable experience.

Help users to avoid switching between different apps to
track the progress of selling and purchase orders.

Establish the business model
 for the product, allowing used furniture to have good circulation in the market.

Goals to Features


User Workflow

According to the user goals, I drew the workflow to illustrate how users gonna walk through the whole steps, which importantly helps me to construct the structure of the Apps as well.

Information Architecture

It's important to visualize the hierarchy for the application. I made the structure to understand how pages linked together.


Brainstorm the ideas of selling application process and AR preview function, drew wireframes of key screens. 

A/B Testing

13 Pro - 310.jpg
A (Chosen)
13 Pro - 311.jpg
13 Pro - 308.jpg
13 Pro - 307.jpg
B (Chosen)
I ran two quick A/B testing on My Furniture screen and home page to discover which option users prefer the most.


Easy to start a sell

Start a Sell function allows users to fill out the simplified information in a short time.
  • Introduce: Introducing the three main steps of the selling process with graphics.

  • Fill out: Applying the evaluation by filling out the information and images about furniture.

  • Wait: Leave your preferences and notes for us and take a rest.

Information Integrated Effectively

My Furniture section integrated all the information of your selling and purchased furniture.
  • Selling and Purchased Furniture: Rather than switch between different Apps to check the progress of selling and puchased furniture. It'll be much more effective to track everything within Archic.
  • Progress Bar: Users are able to have an overview of their order progress. 

  • Schedule Pickup Time: Users are able to easily schedule the available pickup time for their convenience.

AR preview in your space

AR preview function gives users the freedom to explore the furniture in their own space.
  • Imperfection: Users are able to look at the imperfection of the furniture on different scales, which gives adequate information.

  • Dimension: It shows the size of the furniture to provide a clear overview.

  • Save Image: Users are able to save the pictures they take in their own space to make comparisons.

Ecosystem Diagram

The diagram shows the ways of users and products related together.

Color Guide


Style Guide


Poster Treatment


Brand Identity

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